Auring’s Wrath by Justin DePaoli

Auring’s Wrath by Justin DePaoli
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 517 KB

Extinction is coming.
Oskar has never known a day free of the Labyrinth’s shadow. The deadly fog and malevolent creatures within it have swept across the world, and they now loom over the last known civilization.
But Oskar figures he’ll be dead long before the Labyrinth gets him. A covenant that imprisoned his parents on trumped-up charges has placed a bounty on his head. He’s also impoverished and homeless, his swordsman talents in little demand these days.

His fortune finally changes when he meets Lyra, a young huntress in the south. She promises him vast wealth in exchange for an escort north. But the Labyrinth is beginning to move again. Worse, it seems to be following Oskar and Lyra. Chasing them.
Oskar thought Lyra to be his savior, but she carries with her a secret, and it might just get both of them killed.

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