Avania by R.R. Adams

Avania by R.R. Adams
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 252 KB

Ava has spent her life in the shadows as a protector of royalty. For everything she has done well in her life, she still fails at being exactly who her kingdom wants her to be. She has little choice in her own future, and it’s starting to seem like everyone around her in Avania wishes she was gone. A twist of fate gives her a new beginning. But, when the time comes where she can finally choose her own path, how will she decide between duty and destiny?
Avania is a mantle, a kingdom, and an enslaved Spirit Mage.
The country of Avania is peaceful; however, this peace is nothing but an illusion. A facade that conceals the thousands of slaves that sustain it. And I, a Spirit mage, am only one of these thousands of slaves.
Burdening the mantle of Avania from a young age, as a nameless weapon to protect and serve the crown, the only thing I let myself dream of is remaining by the side of the one person who sees me for who I am. I would do anything to stay with him, even if it means living a life in the shadows, only watching from afar.

But, I have learned that a slave who dares to hold on to something will find the simplest wish broken. When war breaks out between my kingdom and another, I am torn from my delusions, falling behind enemy lines.

I have spent my entire life wearing a mask. This time will be no different; I will hide amongst the enemy, biding my time until I can rid Avania of its greatest threat.
If I cannot dare to dream, then I will shatter what destroys my dreams. I will be death dressed in deceit. I am Avania.

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