Battlegroup Vega by Anders Raynor

Battlegroup Vega by Anders Raynor
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 297 KB

Mankind is reborn! —Yet one battle away from extinction.
The merciless galaxy-spanning Taar’kuun state stands ready to wipe the fledgling human worlds from existence. Five years of war have wrought desperation. Fleets poise for the final battle, and peace is only a dream.
Dr. Adrian Darus, the architect of the rebirth, dares to believe. With the help of an old captain, an obsolete warship, and its eclectic crew, he will venture into the heart of diplomacy and deception. But what if the price of peace is too high? Is it worth his daughter’s life?
Adrian will discover the lust for power is not confined to any race, and sometimes battles must be fought to secure peace. In humanity’s darkest hour, an unlikely hope will arise, a force beyond the knowledge of humans or Taar’kuun.

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