Before She Wakes by Ed James

Before She Wakes by Ed James (Detective Max Carter #3)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 980 KB

She opens her eyes and focuses on the room around her.
Everything is in place, yet something isn’t right.
She walks towards her daughter’s room, calling her name, as she does every morning.
But this morning is different.
This morning there is no response.
Marissa’s daughter has vanished.
Single mother Marissa stands in her daughter’s untidy room.
Olivia’s phone is still charging at the wall and her clothes are still hanging in her closet.

The mirror above her daughter’s desk is cracked and a message written in red ink reads ‘Never Forget’.
When the investigation into Olivia’s disappearance makes local headlines, people begin to gossip about the missing teenager and it soon becomes clear she had been lying to her mother for a long time.
Not only did she have a secret boyfriend, but she had also been talking to her guidance counsellor constantly in the weeks before she disappeared.
What was so big that Olivia couldn’t tell?
And when a blood test reveals that Marissa was drugged the night Olivia went missing, fingers point at Marissa’s estranged husband, but he too has vanished without trace.
Could a long-buried family secret have put the teenager’s life in danger?
And will the truth be revealed before it’s too late for the missing girl?

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