Beneath the Ashes by Dea Poirier

Beneath the Ashes by Dea Poirier (The Calderwood Cases #2)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 420 KB

A troubled detective learns that the fires of the past are still burning in this haunting, emotional thriller.
When detective Claire Calderwood is called to a grisly murder scene, she’s haunted by memories of her murdered sister. The victim is tied to a motel bed, her head covered in plastic and her body sprinkled with ashes. Claire’s dealt with vile crime scenes before, but this one strikes close to home.

Claire’s boyfriend, reporter Noah Washington, once helped find her sister’s killer, but now he’s a distraction to this new investigation. She wants to help him resolve the mysteries of his past, but Noah has been distant, and Claire knows he’s keeping something from her.
When another girl is murdered like the first, Claire suspects the work of a serial killer. As the case heats up and evidence mounts, she finds herself in profound danger. Claire’s been burned before; now she must decide if she can trust Noah to help her solve the case and uncover the truth that lies beneath the ashes.

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    Many thanks for making this excellent book available, Figaro.
    A good twisty plot; strong page-turning material here. Highly Recommended to all readers of the genre.

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