Beyond the Truth by Anne Holt (ePUB, MOBI)

Beyond the Truth by Anne Holt (Hanne Wilhelmsen #7)
English | 2016 | Mystery & Thriller | 3 MB

Shortly before Christmas, Hanne Wilhelmsen is called to investigate a mass killing. Four people are found shot dead at the luxury home of the wealthy Stahlberg family: shipping merchants and notorious for family disputes and lawsuits. Three of the dead are members of the family, and the fourth victim a seeming nobody. A bottle of champagne had been opened but not drank. What was the cause for celebration?
As Hanne and her long-time police partner Billy T. investigate, they unearth many motives for the murders; each surviving member of the Stahlberg family had good reason to want the victims dead. But Hanne doesn’t believe that the full story has been revealed, and concentrates her efforts on discovering why an undistinguished author was at the home of one of Oslo’s wealthiest families. As Hanne draws closer to the truth, she will once again risk everything for justice. But this time, will she pay the ultimate price?

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