Bite the Bullet by McKenna Kerrick

Bite the Bullet by McKenna Kerrick
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 400 KB

There’s a war coming. But from whom?
Eleven years ago I escaped that night in the woods. My parents didn’t walk out, but I managed to. Eleven years ago I was just a kid. A kid with a pack of wraiths to protect her. And then no one. The best choice was to run, get as far away from the danger before it found me again. So I never stopped running.
And now? Now the past has come back. Running does you no good when you’re being literally tackled because they can smell you, sense you, hear your heartbeat from blocks away. Hollywood calls us werewolves, but we’re much more than that. Another lethal kind of animal: a wraith.

My name is Dani Cole. And I’m brought back to the pack after eleven years. So much has changed, but one thing hasn’t. The beast that hunted and killed my parents is still out there. And it’s coming for us all. With the pack’s help I might be able to finally be free, but an alliance might just break us in the end. The Alphas say it’s to better our numbers, get enough to fight off this evil. But the truth is: it’s still coming. Our numbers mean nothing.
I guess it’s time to stop running and start fighting. As long as it doesn’t kill me and those I love first.

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