Bitter Magic by Lee Hayton (ePUB)

Bitter Magic by Lee Hayton (World War Magic Book 2)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | 181 KB

Tune in tonight to watch her die.
When Grainne Helmond’s book club is struck by an escaping bolt of old magic, the surviving women begin to exhibit powers unseen for a hundred years.
Caged by authorities, her only contact with the outside world is through the deep web—kids channeling into her security camera feed like she’s a show to binge-watch on Netflix. Tuning in to watch Grainne and her friends starving. Dying inch-by-inch. Scared. Confused. Alone.
But that is how it should be.
Because stone-bound swords and dragons are nothing but fairy tales your mother used to lull you into sleep. This is true magic: deep, dark, and dangerous. The stuff your great-great-grandfather fought against in blood-soaked battles to eradicate from the earth.
And the world is right to fear her.

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