Black Sea Scorpions by A.A. Gilbertsen

Black Sea Scorpions by A.A. Gilbertsen
English | 2018 | Thriller & Suspense | ePUB | 453 KB

A complex web of arms smuggling, refugee trafficking, oil trading and murder, in the murky world of espionage and international security. The hunt for a missing luxury yacht, involved in suspected insurance fraud, unearths an explosive combination of commercial piracy and terrorism.
When an investigator from Lloyd’s of London secures the rescue of a kidnapped Arab in Beirut with unofficial help from a British Embassy attaché, he becomes embroiled in searches for the missing yacht and two mysterious female refugees, one of whom he finds himself dangerously close to becoming emotionally involved with.
His relentless journeys take him from the squalor of Lebanese refugee camps into the Balkans and Western Intelligence services, as he tries to unravel the plot and mystery behind the Black Sea Scorpions.

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