Black Sunshine by Davie J Toothill

Black Sunshine by Davie J Toothill
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 418 KB

She was promised heaven, only to end up in hell…
Sade Babatunde wants to finish her education and marry her childhood sweetheart Achike, but her parents receive an offer to send her to Europe. An offer that seems too good to be true.
Sent from her hometown in Nigeria, Sade arrives in Italy to find that her new life abroad is a living nightmare from which there is no escape.
It will be a fight against all the odds if Sade wants to survive this new life, and a battle of strength and determination if she wants to see home, and Achike, again.

But it is not only the traffickers and those who work for them who pose a threat to her, for another danger lurks in the shadows, preying on the girls working the streets of Naples, knowing that nobody will investigate the disappearances of these voiceless young women…
A story of human trafficking, as a young Nigerian girl fights for her life and her freedom after being tricked into travelling to Europe on the pretence of attending beauty school only to discover that her keepers have a far darker purpose for bringing her there.

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