Black Wave by Devon Glenn

Black Wave by Devon Glenn
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 646 KB

In 1893, psychic medium Darthilda Crossing meets the love of her life, Rahul Kajaria, while hosting a sance at her parents summer cottage in Cape May, New Jersey. Her Ouija board reading foretells their passionate union but also spells their d-o-o-m. Darthilda will go bravely to her grave, but she refuses to cross to the other side without her beloved.

More than a century later, ghosts still haunt Cape May, but the science of sance has changed. Now, theres a ghost-hunting app called Orbies that uses image recognition to identify photos of ghostly orbs. And the ghosts can use a touchscreen. Aided by technology, Emily reunites with her childhood friend Elerick, as well as the ghosts who haunt her parents boutique hotel.

They soon come face-to-faceor, perhaps, face-to-orbwith Darthilda and Rahul in the sance room. If history repeats itself, the forces that brought Emily and Elerick together might also keep them apart. Their quest for freedom will test the boundaries of time, the bonds of humanity, and the strength of their Wi-Fi connection.

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