Blind Trial by Brian Deer

Blind Trial by Brian Deer
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 370 KB

The race for a vaccine is won… Or is it?
When a young lawyer, Ben Louviere, meets a doctor, Sumiko Honda, at a scientific conference in Washington DC, his task is to shut her up.

The company they work for has a miracle to announce: a vaccine to protect millions of lives. After the success of a giant double-blind clinical trial, the shot’s marketing license is set for government approval, with only ten days left to wait.

But there’s trouble at a research center in San Francisco, where Dr. Honda alleges misconduct during the trial. So the company sends Louviere on a special assignment. He must do whatever it takes to keep her quiet.
In this rollercoaster journey through deception, sex, and death, award-winning investigative reporter Brian Deer introduces a character for our time: a hot, smart, but ethically challenged man. The question: which path will he choose?

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