Blind World by H.M. Rutherford

Blind World by H.M. Rutherford
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 608 KB

The chemical ruined her life.
Suzette Valentine’s life is changed forever when she accidentally comes into contact with an experimental chemical. Chaos ensues when a series of deaths prove a little too close to home. Pressured to be a vigilante, she tosses off the comfortable in favor of a new, more dangerous life.

Now as the Onyx Fox, she steps blindly into a strange world of genetic engineering, murder, and something far more nefarious. Old friends become powerful enemies, tainted by the chemical and an ancient evil that’s walked the earth since the beginning of mankind. Mysterious strangers with sinister pasts become her closest allies. All the while, a secret organization known as the Order of the Dragon seeks the chemical for their own wicked desires.
Will Suzette’s innocence make her easy prey?

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