Blood Demon by N.P. Martin

Blood Demon by N.P. Martin (Sorcerer’s Creed #4)
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 521 KB

We all have our demons…and some of those demons kill.
If that sounds like mere metaphor, let me be more clear: a demon has possessed me, and he’s using my body to commit terrible atrocities across the city, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses in his wake. To make matters worse, people think I’m the one doing all this killing, which is probably why I now find myself locked up in a Division prison cell, with only the demon inside me for company.
By the way, the demon’s name is Max. Yep, that’s right, Max the goddamn demon…
To get rid of Max, I told him he could ride along with me on my journey to another realm, where I intend to rescue the souls of my family. Apparently he wants certain information from them, and once he gets it, he’ll leave me alone. So he says anyway, and that’s if I even survive going to this other, highly dangerous realm known as the Gray Lands…
I’m in balls deep this time, and I have no choice but to go along with the demon to the Gray Lands, and hope that I get out alive…just so the demon can probably kill me anyway.
But before I go rushing toward my death, I have to find a way out of this goddamn prison cell…

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