Blood Dry by Stephanie Marie

Blood Dry by Stephanie Marie
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 290 KB

Sun or Moon. Human or Vampire. Water or Blood. We all go thirsty.

Vampires have the world. The remaining humans live either as vampire prisoners, locked away during the day and drained of their blood at night, or are scattered throughout the woods, surviving each other and the moon’s monsters.

Among them is Soka, who knows how to survive in a world of human blades and vampire fangs. Elora, who has spent her life underground with the knowledge left by another world. Bray, whose smile betrays the fact that he has more scars than skin. And Mason, a human who has lived among the vampires. The only one to ever survive escaping them.

As a drought lingers on, their fragile hold on survival becomes even more tenuous. But when they learn it has affected the vampires, thirst – the very thing that might end them, could be exactly what they need to shift the powers of the world.

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