Blood Eagle by Julia Derek (ePUB)

Blood Eagle by Julia Derek
English | 2017 | Historical Thriller | 534 KB

After a drunken feast in the year 1067, Leif Blackhair’s life takes a terrible turn: He’s accused of raping and strangling a Jarlabanke daughter, member of one of Sweden’s most powerful Viking clans. And he doesn’t remember a thing.
Only when he’s exiled and his family’s farm is turned over to the Jarlabankes to pay for his crimes does Leif realize he was set up—by his friend Ragnar Jarlabanke. Ragnar wants to get rid of Leif so he can get his hands on Leif’s wife.
Leif must find a way to prove that Ragnar set him up. Of course, without evidence or witnesses, and considering the Jarlabankes’ influence over the community, his chances are grim. But if he doesn’t clear his name, he will never again see his wife, and the Jarlabanke clan will work his father and siblings to death to pay for the assault on their honor.

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  1. it s fine if ragnar lothbrok set you up , i mean come on that man is a legend ( any fans here ? )

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