Blue Bears by Dan Andreescu,‎ Don McQuinn

Blue Bears by Dan Andreescu,‎ Don McQuinn
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 401 KB

For decades the heads of every Intelligence Bureau in the world have wrestled with the mystery of linear implosion nuclear weapons small enough to fit in a suitcase. Credible sources claim that thousands still remain in Russian depositories. Do they exist?
The men who know the secrets of these tactical nukes rule the darkest corners of the Russian intelligence networks. Among themselves they whisper of Seinye Medvedyi—Blue Bears.

When a courier is caught transporting Blue Bears through the Republic of Georgia, the CIA is called in. The investigation uncovers a trail leading from a former KGB colonel to a Saudi billionaire whose mad vision incorporates not only the nuclear destruction of world capitals, but the establishment of a terrorist caliphate.
Randy Sawyer, the resident CIA agent in Tbilisi, mounts a black operation using Georgian Special Forces. His orders are to terminate with extreme prejudice both seller and buyer. In the depths of Siberia, Sawyer and his team face not only the Russians but betrayal from within their own ranks. Alone, disavowed by those they trusted to support them, Sawyer and his team must complete their mission or see a third world war explode if they fail.

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