Blue Moon by Jenica Saren

Blue Moon by Jenica Saren (The Phases Phenomenon #1)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 201 KB

When one night is too long, how long before it goes too far?
Andromeda, or Mea, is a party girl with a strong alpha female personality, which is really just her way of saying she’s an anarchy-loving feminist. With high aspirations of becoming a model, her countless rejections turned into bottomless drinks and party drugs.
Taking up sketchy totally legit modeling gigs to get by with some help from her best friend, Oliver, Andromeda is striving to once again feel comfortable in her own skin, even if the means are a little on the not-so-smart side.

That comfort comes in the form of three guys, three one night stands that seem to mean a whole lot more to them than they do to her. And, after a week of showering her with affection, they vanish.
Not that she cares, but what the hell, man?

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