Blue Shadow by Brad Magnarella

Blue Shadow by Brad Magnarella (Blue Wolf #2)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 330 KB

The price of normalcy.
In the hopes of curing his curse and returning to his fiancé, Jason Wolfe agrees to command a corporate monster-hunting unit. But the team isn’t exactly what he had in mind…

A priest, a ninja, a zombie, and a guy who looks like he should be working crew on the carny circuit. To be fair, not all of Jason’s new charges are keen on being trained by a werewolf.
But ready or not, the team has just been called to a job. Something is snatching children from a small town in southern Mexico. Worse, all signs point to vampires — and a darker, more malevolent force.

As evil grips the vulnerable town, Jason’s ability to lead and his Blue Wolf’s instincts to protect will be challenged like never before, especially as trouble looms back home.
Can he rally his misfit crew before the evil claims them?
Or will his team’s first mission be its last?

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