Body in the Woods by Dawn Brookes

Body in the Woods by Dawn Brookes
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 290 KB

When private investigator Carlos Jacobi arrives in the Peak District to spend Christmas with his sister, he doesn’t anticipate his ex-police dog unearthing a body in the local woods. Why would someone murder a seemingly harmless old man?
The dead man’s wife hires Carlos to investigate the murder after the police had fobbed her off when she reported him missing. Carlos soon discovers fractured relationships, family secrets and villagers with something to hide.

To top it all, the man in charge of the investigation is someone Carlos had hoped never to meet again. Memories of their time in Afghanistan still haunt him. Bad blood between the two men threatens to cloud the investigation as neither can bury the past. DCI Terry Masters is livid when Carlos is hired, and takes it personally. He orders his sergeant to make sure the private investigator is kept out of the loop or face consequences, not knowing that Carlos and DS Fiona Cook are old friends.

Meanwhile, Carlos unravels lies and motives among the seemingly innocuous village population. When his dog, Lady makes another grisly discovery, the suspense heightens.
Carlos teams up with his old friend to get to the bottom of this frustrating case.

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