Bone Mesa by Vickie McKeehan

Bone Mesa by Vickie McKeehan (Skye Cree #9)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 370 KB

One cold February night during a blizzard, a deputy sheriff vanishes without a trace from the top of a summit in Colorado. It’s the first of a bizarre string of events within tiny Latigo County. On the heels of that, a microbiologist is ambushed at the river. Then, a camper is gunned down in front of his family. After another six unexplained deaths, the new sheriff decides it’s time to ask for help.

Skye reluctantly agrees to fly there, even though it means leaving behind her five-year-old just starting kindergarten. But when things take a dramatic turn for the worse, she’s forced to rethink her strategy and scrambles to get her team in place.

Set among the picturesque red peaks and golden canyons of southwest Colorado, a deranged killer will stop at nothing to maintain his murderous intent.

Will Skye and her team be up to the challenge to stop him? Or will this killer’s thirst for blood be too much?

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