Boost Your Brain Power by Andy Arnott (ePUB)

Boost Your Brain Power: Proven Memory Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Improving Your Memory, Brain Power and Cognitive Functioning Today by Andy Arnott
English | Personal Development & Self-Help | ePUB | 148 KB

Do You Want to Take Your Mind and Memory to the Next Level?
Do You Want to Upgrade Your Cognitive Functioning? Improve Your Memory? Increase Your IQ?
Do you want to perform at a higher level in every area of your life?
Well, you are going to love reading ‘Boost Your Brain Power’
Oftentimes we think intelligence is something we are born with, something that is genetically handed down by our parents.
This however, is a complete misconception…
Intelligence, memory, cognitive functioning and brain power are all things that can be drastically improved with simple steps.
The brain is a muscle, and like any other muscle it can be trained, it can be strengthened and it can grow.
Understanding this, and knowing how to ‘train’ your brain is the key to increasing its power.

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