Botanical Embroidery by Maggie Schnücker

Botanical Embroidery: 30 Effortless Designs That Showcase the Beauty of Nature by Maggie Schnücker
English | 2021 | Hobbies & Home | 149 MB

Thread your way through 30 nature-themed motifs that will transport you from flowery fields and sun-drenched deserts to mossy forests, glorious gardens and beyond. With clear instructions and comprehensive step-by-step photographs, Botanical Embroidery makes it astonishingly simple to stitch your own fiber art garden.

For beginners, a detailed guide to getting started covers all the basics like threading a needle and readying a hoop, while more experienced stitchers will love Maggie’s unique style and fresh approach to the craft. Sink into the soothing rhythm of embroidery as you create projects like Idyllic Irises and Wild Walnut Wood Slice. Curl up with a calming plumeria pattern or create a fiddle-leaf fig for your favorite houseplant parent. Let your mind be whisked away as you stitch a striking Sunrise Over Organ Pipe Cactus or ethereal Night-Blooming Moonflowers.

Prepare to pass entire afternoons stitching serenely in your own botanical paradise with this treasure trove of sprout-, blossom- and bloom-inspired pieces.

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