Bounce Back with Power by Jaya Ramachandran (ePUB, MOBI)

Bounce Back with Power: 7 Steps To Build Self-Esteem, Transform Your Mindset And Realize Your Potential by Jaya Ramachandran
English | 2016 | Self-Help | 1.4 MB

NOW AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Are you desperate to turn your life around, searching for quick solutions to your problems? Are you missing out on the joy you could have in your life?
Bounce Back With Power: 7 Steps To Build Self-Esteem, Transform Your Mindset And Realize Your Potential guides you on a spiritual and practical journey to bring out your highest potential, preparing you to create a socially conscious enterprise. You will follow a 7-step process to realizing your true power, opening yourself along the way, leading you to shed the unwanted parts of you. Driven by her desperate need to change her own life, Jaya offers a path to awakening to our true selves by uncovering our authentic selves.

After reading this book, you will:
Understand that you do not have to live your life according to others’ terms. Be able to get beyond your ego desires, realize your true deeper self and build self-esteem by being yourself. Have self-awareness of who you are and what your true desires are. Be able to practice self-love and understand that you can design a life based on your true desires. Learn to let go of all the negative emotions that has been holding you back so long to live a life of your dreams.
This book is for you if you are:
Struggling to live life on your own terms. Ready to follow your passion and purpose and be true to yourself while supporting yourself financially. Desperate to turn your life around and are looking for quick solutions to your problems. Feeling victimized in life, and tried of living life on someone else’s terms. Not able to live the life you have always dreamed of.
Jaya’s hope is that you will find your true calling in order to build a life you are passionate about and that gives you purpose.

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