Brand Of The Hunted by John Glasby (ePUB, MOBI)

Brand Of The Hunted: A Journey for Survival by John Glasby
English | 2016 | Westerns Thriller | 460 KB

It’s a race against time…
Neil Roberts catches up to the wagon train just in time. It’s about to head into the Bad Country, a place renowned for deadly sandstorms and blizzards. A place crawling with outlaws.
Neil and fellow gunslinger Clem Jackson are the only thing standing between the wagon train and certain death. But it’s not just the relentless weather and brutish rogues that Neil will be battling against. He will also be fighting with his past.
The train will be passing through lands that have a deadly history – those belonging to Jesse Sherman. Sherman has been fighting to keep the wagons off his land, but he and Neil are old enemies and Sherman would do just about anything to see Neil dead and buried.
The real question is this – is Neil endangering the train, or is he the only one capable of saving it?

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