Breaking Locks by Lynn M. Stout

Breaking Locks by Lynn M. Stout (Extra-Ordinary Midlife #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 320 KB

She’s recently widowed and on the wrong side of fifty. Seeing dead people wasn’t her idea of a midlife reinvention.
Connie Keyes feels lost. After her heart surgeon husband collapsed and died, the fifty-two-year-old mother is desperately trying to find a new purpose. But reuniting with the ghost of her dearly departed opens up a completely unexpected career opportunity…

Discovering she’s descended from a long line of mediums, Connie excels at her new job with a realtor that pairs compatible residents with haunted houses. But when a property inspection pits her against a nasty poltergeist, the fledgling ghost-whisperer fears she may soon be reunited with her hubby on the other side.

Will Connie’s newly discovered talent renovate her life’s purpose, or will it become the burden from hell?

Breaking Locks is the fast-paced first book in the Extra-Ordinary Midlife paranormal women’s fiction series. If you like heroines reinventing themselves, slightly scary situations, and a big dollop of humor, then you’ll love Lynn M. Stout’s spooky story.

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