Broken Lands by David Meyer

Broken Lands by David Meyer (Broken Nature #1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | eBook | 402 KB

We Broke Nature.
Now, Nature Will Break Us.

An ancient fort, dying of thirst …
A domed city, devoid of memories …
Broken Lands.
Broken Nature.

Centuries ago, all of Earth’s surface water vanished in a mysterious event known as the Broken. Now, the only water left lies in deep, underground pools. When a terrible disaster threatens these pools, Titus Foster must leave the ancient fort of Natica and forge a path into the forgotten hinterlands. What he finds there will challenge everything he knows about the world … and himself.

Meanwhile, software engineer Kayden Kell awakes in the high-tech, domed city of Luminosity with no recollection of her life. Venturing outside, she discovers that her fellow residents have also lost their memories. Her desperate search for answers will lead her straight into the heart of a centuries-old deception … and the terrifying truth about her reality.

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