Bunker #4 by Jay J. Falconer

Bunker #4 by Jay J. Falconer
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | EPUB | 562 KB

After the insurgents take control, Jack Bunker must rally all his skills and training in an explosive battle for survival. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, he vows to never stop fighting to protect those he cares about.
At least he won’t be facing death alone. Newfound friends join his quest, using their combined ingenuity to help repel the threat.
Victory will come at a steep price; however, when dark secrets are revealed, exposing some while protecting others. Treachery abounds as tempers boil, romance blossoms, and codes are deciphered, leading some to make deals with the enemy to settle old scores.
Trust soon becomes a luxury.
So does time, when the grand conspiracy finally reveals itself.

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