Caller’s for Dr. Morelle by Ernest Dudley

Caller’s for Dr. Morelle by Ernest Dudley
English | 2018 | Mystery & Crime | ePUB | 248 KB

A beautiful woman comes to call…
When gorgeous Thelma Greyson calls at Dr. Morelle’s house, he expects she just wants some help with a case. Turns out, there was no ‘just’ about it. Morelle and his secretary Miss Frayle realise they’ve got more than they bargained for when she vividly describes how she deliberately shot the notorious Ray Mercury. Mercury had been directly responsible for Thelma’s sister’s suicide, or so she believes.
The next day, however, the morning papers report that Mercury committed suicide. Should Thelma give herself up to the police and admit she killed him, or should they be left to believe that he killed himself?
Psychiatrist-detective Dr. Morelle finds himself on a hunt for answers in Soho’s dark underworld, where he must involve himself with some very odd characters in order to find the truth.
There’s a mystery surrounding the deaths of both Mercury and Thelma’s sister, and Dr. Morelle and Miss Frayle aren’t going to stop until it’s solved.

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