Cantamen by Calista Graylock

Cantamen by Calista Graylock (Cantamen Book #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 743 KB

Abby has just learned she can do Magic and hear people’s thoughts. That’s a thrill for a girl who’s never done anything more exciting than getting into a good college—until she’s forced to go to Cantamen for school and realizes she’s still just one in three and a half billion.

She’s supposed to be in the safest place in the world, protected by powerful witches, but when she and a classmate start to fall ill every time they use their Magic, Abby learns some frightening truths about her new world and all the ways Magic can be a curse. Power makes people greedy, and when she becomes the target of a sinister plot to resurrect someone who would rather stay dead, Abby must find a way to save her new life before she loses it too.

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