Captive by Ann Voss Peterson

Captive by Ann Voss Peterson (Small Town Secrets: Sins Book 2)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 192 KB

She grew up in foster homes, dreaming of having a real family. Then Sylvie Hayes met her twin sister. It should have been a joyous reunion, but when Diana disappears from her own wedding, and the cops believe Diana herself is to blame, Sylvie vows to rescue her twin… no matter the cost.

Attorney Bryce Walker has his own reasons for wanting to find the missing bride. Reasons that involve a notorious serial killer. When he offers to help Sylvie, he never expects to fall for her. But will she ever forgive his dark secret?

The closer they get to finding Diana, the closer they come to a shocking discovery that could destroy all they knew about the past… and all they hoped for the future.

A sister searching for her missing twin.
A lawyer seeking redemption.
A truth neither wanted to find.

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