Celestial Magic by Emma L. Adams

Celestial Magic by Emma L. Adams
English | 2017 | Fantasy | ePUB | 393 KB

Devi Lawson, one of the chosen few gifted with divine magic to defend the earth from demons, has never been one for following orders. After leaving the celestial guild behind following her partner’s death at the hands of a demon, she struck out to hunt netherworld creatures alone. After all, it’s what she does best.
But now a demonic killer is targeting other celestials, and they need Devi’s help to find the culprit. She swore never to have anything to do with them again, but the methods the killer uses are awfully familiar to her. To gain vital information, Devi is forced to ally with an immensely powerful warlock whose magic is entirely too close to the demons she’s hunting, and who knows things about her past that nobody else does. If word about her dealings with the netherworld makes it back to the celestials, Devi will get a one-way ticket to jail at best — a death sentence at worst.
The trouble is, the netherworld holds all the answers. And to catch the killer, Devi might have to step into the very demon realms that destroyed her life…

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