Child X by Mick Lee

Child X by Mick Lee
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 MB

Does a child that kills with no remorse deserve a second chance? What if another child did nothing to prevent the death, and is offered a chance of redemption? It is 1999 and the glorious Millennium is approaching. Ray is a struggling private investigator and compulsive gambler whose debt has spiralled out of control. His violent creditors have run out of patience.

A retired gangster offers to square his debt if he tracks a man down. His target is hiding in a cult that masquerades as a telemarketing company. He has changed his identity several times and becomes embroiled in a death that promises to make him more visible. As Ray homes in on his prey, he discovers a dark secret about the man he has been tasked with finding. A secret that links to his own guilty past, when he could have prevented another child’s death. Will he do the decent thing and hand over a child killer? Or try to understand what drove a twelve-year-old boy to kill?

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