Children of Jade by Morgan Cole

Children of Jade by Morgan Cole (Chrysathamere Trilogy #3)
English | 2021 | Horror | 988 KB

Rufyllys Vergana, the usurper, has stolen the throne from his adopted brother, Prince Ilruyn, plunging the empire of Navessea into civil war. The very first casualty of that war: Karthtag-Kal Sandaros, Marilia’s father.
With the help of Ben Espeleos, Prince of Svartennos, Marilia has sworn to bring the usurper and the rest of her father’s killers to justice…including her own traitorous brother, Annuweth, now serving as the usurper’s right hand.
Annuweth has sworn an oath of his own-to protect his wife and their unborn child from the forces who mean to destroy them. To guard Rufyllys Vergana’s reign against its enemies-even if one of those enemies is his own sister.

Navessea’s bloody civil war comes to a head in the third and final chapter of the Chrysathamere Trilogy. No one is safe, and no one will be the same.
A story of love, loss and redemption, Children of Jade blends the ferocious twists of Game of Thrones at its best with a Last of Us-style saga of bitter revenge.

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