Cipher by Sean Jenan

Cipher by Sean Jenan (Nick Ravell #1)
English | 2017 | Technothriller | ePUB | 433 KB

Carefree Nick Ravell has it all: a full scholarship, a first-string position on the lacrosse team, a gang of loyal friends. But at night he strips off the facade, and tucked into the shadows of the university library, becomes his real self, a fugitive hacker with more warrants than he can keep track of. But in a careless moment he reveals his secrets, and becomes ensnared in the plan of an obsessed research physicist who desperately needs someone with Nickโ€™s special skills.
Now, Nick is part a dangerous experiment, tasked with decrypting an equation that may unlock the power of God. Every moment he continues, Nick loses a little more of his grip on who he is, what is real and what is illusion. Is he the student he plays during the day, or the avatar he becomes at night? And what demons might he unleash if given the promise of ultimate power?

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  1. If you are muslim leave this book. The premise is from the devil. Same one he promised Adam and Eve. Eat the forbidden fruit and you will become gods in your own right. Others if you do it would be better for you.

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