City Mouse by Stacey Lender (ePUB)

City Mouse by Stacey Lender
English | 2017 | Women’s Fiction | 4.3 MB

“Stacey Lender has written a book I could not put down! City Mouse reminds mothers of that priceless lesson: the grass is always greener . . . and maybe even alcohol-soaked Astroturf. I tore through this book like a bored, competitive housewife tears through her Xanax.”
Priced out of their Manhattan neighborhood, Jessica and Aaron move with their preschool-aged daughters to the one place Jessica swore she’d never go: the suburbs. But to Jessica’s surprise, life in the commuter belt makes a great first impression. She quickly falls in with a clique of helpful new-mom friends who welcome her with pitchers of margaritas, neighborhood secrets, and a pair of hot jeans that actually fit.
Still, it’s hard to keep up in a crowd where everyone competes for the most perfectly manicured home and latest backyard gadgets. And what’s worse, as the only working mom in her circle, Jessica sometimes feels disconnected and alone. So she’s thrilled when she’s invited to a moms-only weekend at the beach, which she assumes will mean new opportunities for real talk and bonding. Instead, the trip turns into a series of eye-opening lessons—from designer vagina showdowns and incriminating smartphone photos, to infidelity far beyond her wildest imaginings—and Jessica must decide if she’s strong enough to be honest with herself about the sort of life she really wants.
Stacey Lender started her career as a roadie and rose through the ranks from luggage schlepper to spearheading marketing campaigns for entertainment brands, including Radio City, Sesame Street Live, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and One World Observatory at the top of One World Trade Center. She grew up in the suburbs of New York City with a god-awful perm and later graduated from Cornell University. Today she lives in Manhattan with her husband and two daughters, and has traveled to all fifty states. City Mouse is her first novel.

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