Clipped by Angela R. Hart

Clipped by Angela R. Hart (The Harmon Family Adventure #2)
English | 2018 | Fantasy | ePUB | 361 KB

Did you enjoy the first Harmon Family Adventure? The Harmon’s are at it again, but this time, in the future. In LINKED: A Time Travel Tale, Allie Harmon had to save her family from a horrible fate, fighting the past relentlessly and almost dying to do it. This time, it’s future Allie that needs saving. Chloe Harmon, has witnessed the deaths of her father and aunt. In 2045, she decides to go back and find her younger family members to help her fight the past, just like her Aunt Allie did many years before. Will Chloe be able to fight the past and succeed? Follow the Harmon’s journey into the future, but this time, they must save themselves. Will Chloe win the battle? Will Allie and Andrew Harmon survive what the past has in store for them this time?

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