Code Green by Andrew Warren

Code Green by Andrew Warren (Thomas Caine #5)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 428 KB

The CIA’s deadliest killer is back. So is his most dangerous enemy…
Thomas Caine returns to active duty with the CIA’s Special Activities Division. Under the command of Director Rebecca Freeling, Caine rushes to the Republic of Singapore to protect a vital intelligence asset, before a deep state conspiracy silences them for good…

Codename: Larkspur, this mysterious contact holds the key to stopping a private terror network from corrupting America’s most powerful intelligence agencies. But when Larkspur’s trail leads to a hard drive hidden deep in the jungles of Vietnam, Caine finds himself racing against time to beat an army of killers to the prize.

Battling an enemy from his past who knows him better than anyone, Caine struggles to retrieve this critical intel, before a cabal of corrupt politicians shuts the operation down. But only one man alive can decrypt the drive, before it’s too late.
A man Caine has sworn to kill on sight…

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