Cold Ground by Liam Hanson

Cold Ground by Liam Hanson (DCI Reece #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 350 KB

He Knows Your Name . . . Where You Live . . . And wants you Dead.
By day, Dr Richard Wellman is a consultant anaesthetist working at the University Hospital in Cardiff. At night, he’s a warped serial killer with a terrifying method of choosing and killing his victims.
Three months ago, DCI Brân Reece was shot during a raid on the Midnight Club. He’s been on sick leave since. But when an American medical student is stabbed to death just outside the hospital grounds, Reece is brought back early: the young man’s parents are wealthy and therefore have influence.
When Reece learns that one of the student’s housemates has also died – seemingly of natural causes – he can’t help but think the cases are linked, despite the evidence suggesting otherwise. When a second nurse dies, Reece knows he’s on to something.

With top brass wanting him to concentrate his efforts on bringing the American’s killer to justice, Reece’s refusal to ignore an escalating number of attacks on women causes conflict within the Cardiff Bay police station.

But Reece is no stranger to conflict. He’s never been one to run with the hounds. There’s a serial killer loose on the city’s streets and the DCI is hell-bent on bringing the perpetrator to justice.
This book was previously published under a different title: Dead People Sleep.

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