Cold Shadows by KA Richardson

Cold Shadows by KA Richardson (Bland P.I.R #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 310 KB

Paige Matthews is terrified of facing her past – and it’s not just memories that are threatening her. She knows she has two choices – stand up and face those fears head-on, or run from them, and him. Again.
Gabriel Bland is still reeling from the death of his friend and colleague – the loss cuts deep and is affecting every member of his close-knit team.

When Paige slams into him after the funeral, he knows instantly she needs his specialized kind of help. But will she trust him enough to tell her story?
Will helping Paige split Gabe’s team even further apart? Will he be able to stop the devastating trail of destruction in her wake, and as a deadly killer closes in, will they both survive?

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