Cold Snow by John Nicholas

Cold Snow by John Nicholas
English | 2017 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 325 KB

Alexander Orson is not like most teenage runaways: he’s got a destination in mind and a good reason for leaving. Accompanied by his unassuming friend Jake, and Sarah, a newly homeless orphan, Alex sets out to journey thousands of miles from his home in upstate New York to a legal haven in northern Saskatchewan. Meanwhile, Alex’s father wants him back so badly that he’ll hire the mysterious OrdoƱez, who claims to be a freelance assassin but may have other allegiances.
Social worker Henry Machry is desperate to save Alex’s life, especially after the boy becomes suspected of a string of murders across Quebec. As Alex leads his ragtag allies north with the police on his tail, Machry will peel back one by one the layers of mystery surrounding the Orson family.
The truth at the heart of Cold Snow will be revealed only after an explosive climax.

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