Cole Hard Truth by Eric Dwyer (ePUB)

Cole Hard Truth by Eric Dwyer
English | Mystery & Thriller | EPUB | 382 Kb

What if someone sent you a book describing a plot to murder your wife? What if that book appeared to have been written by you?
One summer day while vacationing at his beach home in Florida, Irwin Cole receives a mysterious package. Inside he finds a book entitled The Cole Hard Truth. He examines the book and discovers the pages are filled with personal thoughts and details that only he would know. Stricken with panic he tries to contact his wife only to find that she is missing.
The FBI sends a rookie agent, Melissa Martin, to question him regarding his wife’s whereabouts. Cole deduces from Agent Martin that he is the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance and, possibly, her murder. . . .
When Cole decides to flee, his friend, Lieutenant Mackey with the D.C. police, is his only ally. Mackey doubts the FBI consensus that Cole is responsible for the un-thinkable. As FBI agents continue to follow the chain of abundant evidence, they learn that they, too, are pawns in an elaborate game of deception.
Unsettling events continue throughout Florida and in Washington, D.C., including the disappearance of Agent Martin and the suspicion that Cole’s personal assistant, Miles Connor, has a dark side. When a timetable for Cole’s wife’s murder is uncovered, finding her becomes a race against the clock.
With the body count climbing and the press threatening to disclose the story, pressure builds for the FBI to make an arrest. But, despite all the evidence including an apparent confession, the FBI is reluctant to charge its prime suspect, Irwin S. Cole, because he is a popular United States senator.

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