Cole Mine by Micheal Maxwell

Cole Mine – The Return to Orvin by Micheal Maxwell
English | 2018 | Mystery | ePUB | 950 KB

Unfinished business is like a spider in the back of your head gently tickling your memory.
On his first trip to Orvin, Oklahoma (Cole Dust Book #4) Cole Sage discovered a trunk of journals written by the grandfather he barely knew. They opened up a world of family history, and the answers to questions that plagued him throughout his life.
As they say, life happens, and the novel he intended to write based on the journals was pushed aside. Now a teaching journalism at Stanford University, engaged to be married, and living a life outside the newspaper business for the first time in his life, things seem pretty good.

Then his world is turned upside down. What to do, where to go? The idea of the novel seems the answer. Cole returns to Orvin, but upon a deeper reading of the journals and researching the story between the lines, Cole is faced with dangers, heartache and discoveries he wasn’t prepared for.
Join Cole as he gets caught up in events that nearly swallow him, and result in a decision a lifetime in the making.

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