Collaborator by Murray Davies

Collaborator by Murray Davies
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 491 KB

December 1940.
The German invasion of Britain has succeeded. All too easily the country now lies under Nazi rule.
After four months in a prisoner-of-war camp, Nick Penny returns home to act as interpreter for the German provincial governor. He finds his father dead, his mother crippled, and his friend Roy involved in the first stirrings of the Resistance government. When war hero Matty Cordington joins them, the three best friends are reunited in a common cause.
The stench of collaboration lies over the land like a foul cloud. Pro-Nazi businessmen grow fat while patriotic men and women go hungry and cold. Life under the Nazi occupation is a compromise at every level – as Nick finds out when he discovers his sister Joan is having an affair with a profiteer to feed her family.

As the Germans turn the screw, the country becomes a powder keg ready to explode. But treachery runs deep inside the Resistance itself. There are few heroes, many collaborators, and one master traitor, who can lead the Gestapo to every Resistance leader in Britain.
As Coronation Day dawns, Nick sets off in a desperate race against time to reach London and intercept the traitor – and the scene is set for history to lurch once again.

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