Cookbook from Hell: Reheated by M. L. Buchman (ePUB, MOBI)

Cookbook from Hell: Reheated by M. L. Buchman (Deities Anonymous, #1)
English | 2016 | Fantasy | 1.5 MB

When God cheats at Scrabble, does Hell freeze over?
After 14 billion years of cleaning up after God, the Devil descends into a mid-life crisis. Before she can settle into that perfect state of self-pity, a Buddhist Hungry Ghost steals the Software that Runs the Universe. And it all goes to Hell from there.

She quickly assembles her crisis team:
• St. Peter – hacked his way out of Purgatory, been running Heaven ever since
• Valerie – a Seattle cookbook editor, changed forever by the Cookbook from Hell
• Eric – her IT guy, now sees his formidable boss in a whole new light
• Henrietta – a foot-tall angel with a talking disorder—she never shuts up
• The Librarian from Hell
• Assorted demons, angels, philosophers, and other persons both dead and living
From the Pacific Northwest, to Hell, Heaven, and back. Let the race to stop Armageddon begin.

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