Damon Ich by Aaron D. Key

Damon Ich by Aaron D. Key (The Wheel of Eight #2)
English | 2020 | Science Fiction | eBook | 408 KB

Damon Ich, an introverted and lonely workaholic, lives in a paradise with power to do anything, and to go anywhere, at any time. He uses this gift to help people in need. One night, he rescues a man who is revealed to be the founder of his way of life – and suggests a rescue mission he can’t refuse.

The meeting and the rescue set off a train of events that shatter everything. Damon Ich realises that he isn’t alone in being able to do anything. Two invincible forces collide in a torrent of bewildering, revealing and eventually catastrophic events, dramatically changing Damon Ich’s life forever. Will the role of humanity’s guardian angel be preserved?

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