Dandelion Girl by Isa Hansen

Dandelion Girl by Isa Hansen
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 426 KB

Celia Lindberg can’t wait for her exchange year abroad. Eager to reclaim her Scandinavian roots, she moves from Seattle to her Swedish father’s birth town. But Celia soon discovers that Björkby isn’t the glistening, idyllic place that she remembers from her childhood vacations.

When she finds an old photo of a girl who bears a striking resemblance to herself, she gleans that her family’s past isn’t what she thought. Determined to learn why the identity of the girl has been kept under wraps, she tumbles into a twisting world of dark secrets surrounding the girl’s disappearance nearly 30 years ago.

Meanwhile, she grows close to a young Swedish carpenter who is helping her investigate the case. He makes her heart flutter in ways she’s never felt before, but Celia has questions about her own identity and sexuality that complicate the relationship.

What’s more, her life is about to take a dangerous turn, because someone in Björkby knows what really happened to the girl all those years ago—and they are watching Celia.

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