Dangerous Crowns by A.K. Fedeau

Dangerous Crowns by A.K. Fedeau
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 517 KB

In the ancient, illustrious province of Histria, the reign of King Hector I has reached its breaking point. Eight years after a coup, he has become a gilded despot, executing critics and spending wildly on himself. Lady Livia, an orphan turned aristocratic spy, navigates the intrigues of Hector’s decadent court. Livia’s lover, the dignified General Marcus Incipio, oversees a foreign war that seems like it will never end. Until now.

An unexpected mystery pulls Livia into a web of secrets, and to a discovery that she could use to overthrow Hector once and for all. She and Marcus join forces to tear down Hector’s regime, and the two become co-conspirators in a game where treason is the only winning move. But as the taste of power grows seductive and their plans spiral out of control, they will fight not only for the fate of Histria, but for their relationship – and their lives.

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