Dark Angel by Helen H. Durrant

Dark Angel by Helen H. Durrant (DCI Greco #4)
English | 2018 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 433 KB

Two young men break into an expensive house in Cheshire. They take money and jewellery — and a large amount of heroin. Within twenty-four hours they are found brutally murdered.
The killings have all the hallmarks of a local drug baron. The two victims were also “angels” helping in a community project which seems to have been lowering the crime rate in the area.
But not everything is as it seems. Who is the mysterious ice-cold blonde woman who seems to be at the heart of the case?
Meanwhile, Detective Stephen Greco’s colleague and on-off girlfriend Grace is pregnant. He isn’t sure how he feels about this, and they haven’t told the boss.
And just when Greco seems to have cracked the case, new information comes to light which threatens to change everything.

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