Dark Cure by Bradley West

Dark Cure by Bradley West
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 615 KB

COVID-20 ravages the planet. A baby and his mother’s blood contain the cure. Mercenaries kidnap them.
In this domestic thriller, biotech executive Sal Maggio plans to resettle his extended family in remote northern Canada out of the pandemic’s reach. A researcher from Sal’s company shares her experimental treatment that cures his near-death pregnant daughter and her unborn child. Sal’s ex-boss conspires to bankrupt the company in return for the drug’s ownership. Sal refuses to relinquish the last of the miracle cure or its formula.

The former CEO hires a rogue operator to kidnap the infant to barter for the wonder drug. A psychopathic biologist processes the newborn’s blood into a commercial treatment. The baby’s abductors put the Dark Cure for sale on outlaw websites in the expectation of a multimillion-dollar payday. The mercenaries next seize the mother as she represents a larger blood reservoir than the newborn.
As the US collapses and scheming kidnappers fortify their hideout, can the outgunned group save the mother and baby and embark on an eighteen hundred-mile trek north to safety?

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